TGC Music School

Hi everyone and welcome to TGC music school.

TGC stands for Tomer George Cohen, and you’ve guessed it right, it’s me 🙂

I’m a saxophone player and a teacher for many years and I’ve build TGC music school in order to share with you my experience and to enrich your rapertuar.

I’ve build the site to support a saxophone learning book I’ve wrote and I’ve realised that I can provide both my readers and other saxophone players an opportunity to learn more technics, to get access to special features and acquire more knowledge and insights of saxophone playing styles.

So… What you can find here?

  • Saxophone and accessories usage
  • Basic fingering
  • Warm up and fundamentals exercises
  • Exercises for progressing players
  • Basic sound production techniques
  • Playbacks supported by musicsheets
  • Theory, Harmony, Improvisation and Styling
  • Projects and albums by Tomer George Cohen
  • Students projects – coming soon
  • Online lessons
  • Full support in “Songs, pieces & Exercises” learning book – A guiding video for each song in the book
Whats left to do is to register to the site and to enjoy!